Coastal Architects is a full-service architectural, planning and design firm specializing in customer service. Our services range from initial master planning and pre-development sketches to technical and construction documentation through all phases of the development.

We are a partnership formed by Jeffrey Zook, AIA and Michael Sanchez, APA. Mr. Zook’s experience focuses on the design development and implementation of technical buildings and facilities while Mr. Sanchez’s experience focuses on the pre-design and planning of large and small scale developments.  They have a combined professional experience of over 45 years. And have recently celebrated our 10 year together as a company.

Coastal Architects goal is to provide quality design and planning services which exceed the customer’s expectations. With this goal in mind, both Mr. Zook and Mr. Sanchez will be the “in-charge” personnel assigned to your project.

In addition, both Mr. Zook and Mr. Sanchez have  recently participated as a member of the City of Oxnard’s Design Advisory Committee and Mr. Sanchez was Chairman of the Oxnard Planning Commission. He is currently a Board Member of the Oxnard Downtown Management District and the Oxnard Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Coastal Architects office is located in downtown Oxnard. We are able to quickly address any upcoming or current issues at a moments notice.  With Coastal Architects, you get the main principal and senior planner on your projects, not an associate. In addition, we can maintain constant vigilance over permitting, plan check, and construction processes from start to finish.