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3D Concept Marketing

Our team can create 3D images from any traditional blueprints or file types and even a napkin sketch to begin the modeling process.

Once your project is approved in concept, we will begin producing the 3D model. We will build it from CAD plans. We build the model we provide you a “wireframe” of what the project will look like. (This is the 3D model that is grey scale and is outlined) We want to make sure everything is to your liking, before we continue with the color and rendering. We try to keep communication and feedback as open and transparent as possible, throughout the process.
The programs we use are Sketchup and Photoshop.

Once approved in concept we will add finishes, materials, color and props/furniture to the scene. We add the photo realistic lighting and render it out!

Due Diligence

Review of existing conditions as required;
Our review of existing conditions consist of detailed photo documentation of the existing conditions in order to provide a detailed existing conditions plan for selective demolition sub-contractors. During this meeting, we review the existing conditions and make preliminary assumptions about extending or adding new utilities, including, but not limited to; lighting, power, plumbing, gas, air conditioning & heating. In most cases, existing drawings are made available to determine the capacity of existing systems. In those rare cases of older buildings where drawings may not be available, we perform a detailed review of existing conditions and systems in place, from the structural frame to the size of water supply piping. Coastal Architects and their engineering team recently completed a detailed existing conditions plan for the County of Ventura Behavioral Health Department. Please refer to Appendix A for a sample ‘Existing / Demolition Plan’


In producing this complex set of elements, we approach the project from a Whole Building Design concept which consists of two components;
Integrated Design Approach and Integrated Team Process. The “integrated” design approach asks all the members of the building stakeholder community, and the technical planning, design, and construction team to look at the project objectives, and building materials, systems, and assemblies from many different perspectives. This approach is a deviation from the typical planning and design process of relying on the expertise of specialists who work in their respective specialties somewhat isolated from each other.
Integrated Team Process in which the design team and all affected stakeholders work together throughout the project phases and to evaluate the design for cost, quality-of-life, future flexibility, efficiency; overall environmental impact; productivity, creativity; and how the occupants will be enlivened. The ‘Whole Buildings’ process draws from the knowledge pool of all the stakeholders across the life cycle of the project, from defining the need for a building, through planning, design, construction, building occupancy, and operations.

Construction Bid Documents

Complete Construction Bid Documents including all drawings and specifications required for public bid process;
Once the Preliminary Design Package has been reviewed, modifications made and approved, the Integrated Design Team moves into the construction document phase. During this phase, the team begins the process of developing the technical documents needed to not only obtained a building permit but also obtain bidding quotes from prospective general contractors. In public bid jobs, it is very important to be extremely complete in the construction documents and to confirm the integration of all systems. The construction drawings become a working manual for the contractors to perform their work. If it’s not listed or described in the contract drawings, the work does not get completed. Every material that is needed to construct the project also has an accompanying specification, which describes in detail, the type of material and the recommended installation of material. The specification become the Project Manual and is combined with the construction documents to form the bidding documents.

Construction Administration Services

All Construction Administration Services :
During this phase, construction has commenced and the design professionals are required to periodically review the progress of construction to determine proper conformance to the bidding documents. The architect also reviews and determines the materials stored on site but not installed. During the construction process, the general contractor, or his sub-contractors may require additional information or clarifications. They submit a request for Information, or RFI, to the Architect, who is required to respond within a certain time-frame to keep the project moving. In addition to responded to RFI’s and periodically visiting the site, the Architect is required to review and approve the contractors Request for Payment. This is a detailed line item breakdown of each element in the project match accordingly to the project specifications. The architect approves the correct percentages of billing for each line item as they have observed in the field to be complete.


Our team

About us

Coastal Architects is a full-service architectural, planning and design firm specializing in customer service. Our services range from initial master planning and pre-development sketches to technical and construction documentation through all phases of the development.

We are a partnership formed in 2005 by Jeffrey Zook, AIA and Michael Sanchez, APA. Mr. Zook’s experience focuses on the design development and implementation of technical buildings and facilities while Mr. Sanchez’s experience focuses on the pre-design and planning of large and small scale developments.  They have a combined professional experience of over 45 years. And have recently celebrated our 12 year together as a company.

Coastal Architects goal is to provide quality design and planning services which exceed the customer’s expectations. With this goal in mind, both Mr. Zook and Mr. Sanchez will be the “in-charge” personnel assigned to your project.

In addition, both Mr. Zook and Mr. Sanchez have  recently participated as a member of the City of Oxnard’s Design Advisory Committee and Mr. Sanchez was Chairman of  the Oxnard Planning Commission. He is currently a Board Member of the Oxnard Downtown Management District and the Oxnard Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Coastal Architects office is located in downtown Oxnard. We are able to quickly address any upcoming or current issues at a moments notice.  With Coastal Architects, you get the main principal and senior planner on your projects, not an associate. In addition, we can maintain constant vigilance over permitting, plan check, and construction processes from start to finish.

Who we are?

Coastal Architects is an award winning firm in Mixed-use multi-family type projects. We are creating healthy environments for our clients in Southern California.

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