Jeff B. Zook

CEO, Principal Architect


Jeff Zook has over 25 years of experience providing well-planned,
well-designed and cost efficient facilities. Jeff possesses a strong knowledge of
architectural programming with a specialty in understanding the needs of the users
and how they will interact with the facility.
Jeff will be the principal architect in charge of the design and production team for
your project. He will be responsible for coordinating the various architectural team
members and engineering consultants to generate a cost effective solution for your
complex project.
His design experience includes a variety of projects including high-density residential,
commercial, industrial, hospitality, and governmental buildings. His wide array
of project experience allows him to pull together various elements from other project
types and apply them to this project.
His technical expertise allows for extremely detailed and thoughtful work products
which minimize construction RFI and change orders.


2005 - Present
Project Architect
Design Colabraration 50%

Contact Info

Phone : (1)-805-985-7654
Email : [email protected]