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We work with owners both as the design lead as well as an owner’s representative, helping manage and direct the important decisions and processes necessary for the successful execution of the project. Our extensive experience in vertically integrated design/build, fabrication, general contracting, and construction management provide expertise in full-scope project management.


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Accomplishing a project with high aspirations requires a process as purposeful as the intent. Coastal Architects employs an integrated design approach that seeks to build upon the collective wisdom of each team member, beginning at the earliest stages of the design process.  Our unique utilization of integrated design workshops, more holistic than typical sustainability charrettes, overlays environmental context on building programs to identify synergies between sustainable strategies and programs. 

This allows the design team to prioritize the strategies that offer the most significant benefits and unique opportunities to the programs and users of the building. The documentation from such a charrette serves as a living document that guides the entire team throughout the project.


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We provide clients with high-end immersive modern architecture and interiors, experiential production design and creative direction, innovative real estate development, and turnkey owner’s representation and project management.

COASTAL ARCHITECTS has extensive knowledge and background designing and building high-end custom homes, cutting-edge festival stages, large-scale art and immersive installations, event production, and creative direction, and custom fabrication, engineering, and construction.  Armed with an extensive roster of global resources, we are capable of conceiving and producing the wildest of concepts imaginable.  

We believe that through challenging the pragmatic and homogenous conventions of the built environment with inspired and intentional creative direction, we not only enrich our lives and experience, but we can also positively impact the legacies of future generations to come.

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We use computer simulations to perform building analysis for our projects. From preliminary climate analysis to daylight, solar radiation and exterior views analysis, this process informs early design and building systems to create comfortable and high performing environments.

During Pre-design, we carefully study the unique context of each project to determine which energy strategies are attainable, taking into account the climate and micro-climate, site orientation, natural resources and materials, and cost considerations and payback scenarios. Energy modeling software simulates and tests the variables, leading to design solutions and system strategies that are tailored to the project.

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